The Pink Poet

 Since it’s Friday night and I’m home I thought I might as well make myself useful and do a couple of posts. The first one was a kind of blast from the past for me. About a year ago I visited Mr Poet and picked up a brilliant houndstooth jacket but I hadn’t managed to get back until our little helper Zan sent me a landmark for this store that apparently had some great freebies to pick up. So, long story short, I get there and it’s Mr Poet and Zan was very right.

On to the clothes and first off is the Hakka Printed Cloth Coat. Now I know some guys are a little wary of wearing pink, but personally I really like it. A good-looking pink shirt looks really good on a guy if you ask me and this is definitely one of those. The prim collar and bottom of the shirt (which is all one piece) might take a little fiddling with, depending on your shape, but the end result is worth it. I really like the inside of the collar/bottom prim, it’s got a white semi-transparency to it that gives it a thin, cloth look. The prim sleeves are easy to fit and look good too. As I said, I think the pink looks great, it’s vivid and eye-catching and the floral designs on the coat look wicked as well.

The striped tanktop (or vest as it’s called here) is also free from Mr Poet and comes on multiple layers and in two different versions: the normal version you can see in the picture above and a slightly lifted version for those of you who want to show off those abs 🙂 Also included with the striped vest is a pair of the plaid boxer shorts you can see in the picture below which are awesome. I don’t have nearly enough good underpants in my inventory and so I (and someone else I know) was glad to get them. Great for lounging around in.

Get the gear here: ::[Mr Poet]::

PS: The mall Mr Poet is in is definitely worth a look around as you can find a lot of great stuff for a wide range of needs, both for free and for some $$$