Kaori Kool

Have you ever been to a store and gotten scared because everything looks so good and you just want to spend, spend and spend some more? Well I had that happen to me when I went over to Connors earlier tonight. It’s been a while since I’ve visited that store and they’ve got so much newness, I could have happily blown my budget and bought loads (because everything’s so affordable). But then this post would have never have gotten finished and I couldn’t have that. So, I pulled myself away to show you Connors’ subscribo matic gift: the Patterned Shirt Kaori.

This shirt is the epitome of cool. The silvery white colouring and design is fantastic, half unbuttoned to give it that casual nightlife look. It’s got great shading around the midsection and the prims are absolutely dead easy to fit. Speaking of the prims: the Kaori shirt comes with a collar, cuffs and a skirt bottom for the shirt to give it a loose, untucked look that I love. The cuffs have a resizer script in them and look tremendous, unbuttoned but not rolled up and slightly lighter in colour than the rest of the shirt. This shirt also comes on all the top layers so you can mix and match as you like. Really, this is an absolute ‘gotta have’ shirt and it’s free. Though, if you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop with just this. My wallet is looking at me quite warily now because it just knows I’m heading back there soon.

To get this shirt, all you have to do is join the subscribo matic just outside the front entrance to the store, then click it again and look through the history. I think it’s number 3.

Get the gear here: *Connors*