A fun gift from Torley.

We typically bring you a lot of wearables here at Pure Eggs & Spam, but today I have a change of pace. I found an interesting little place a few days ago, and I found it in a way most unique to SL *chuckle*

I recently had an(other) SL car crash. If you drive SL roads you know this isn’t unusual. Unlike in meatspace, though, a car crash in SL is often an opportunity for fun. I’ve found some pretty interesting places by exploring on foot after my car crashed at some unfamiliar region crossing, and that is how I found Montara Park.

Here beside the road in Montara region the Lindens have reserved a small scenic area on the water for a public park. There is not a lot to do there but you’ll find a placid setting, a small sandbox, a public Connect Four game, and a gift from Torley:

There are 2 different follow cam attachments in the package, one of which is multi-function. When you wear the invisiprim and then click on your back a script takes over your camera and pops up a blue options menu. A few of the options have little practical use, like “spaz cam” where your cam jumps all over the area for 5 seconds then automatically returns to the default position. “Spin cam” works similarly. I cant imagine using them often, but they may have potential for machinema or just a little goofy fun. If you like to log in stoned, they may be LOTS of fun. 🙂

The most useful choice, though, is called “driving cam”. Driving Cam is just the ticket if you’re using a vehicle or pose that leaves your cam in a wierd place. I’ve paid good LBucks for a great-looking cars and motorcycles that turned out to be unusable because they jammed my view into some frustrating place, like behind the bumper. With this attachment I won’t have that problem any more.

Driving Cam puts your camera up and behind you a bit farther than the standard camera perspective, and then as you move the camera follows you very smoothly, and with a little bit of “soft” time delay. For example, if you turn sharply your camera will follow on a smaller arc than your avi – it is almost as if you’re pulling the camera behind you on a stretchy rope.

Go check it out, it can’t hurt! 🙂 It’s free, in a nice place, and full-perm so you can not only pass them to all your friends and alts, but you can open them up and fiddle with the innards too if you like.

from the road – – Drivin