2010 Jewelry Fair..

$GaNKeD$ Black Sherbet Jewelry Set gift

ooooo yummm…the jewelry fair is on and was actually pretty pleasant to walk around, no lag…perfect! I headed over straight to one of my fav stores $GaNKeD$ and was majorly happy to pick up TWO gift sets from them hurrah! The one shown above is “black sherbet”, remember the colourful sherbet set I blogged sometime ago? Wellll here is it silver & black sister…sooooo BOLD I adore it..real statement pieces…comes with bracelets also!

$GaNKeD$ Coveted Jewelry Set gift

The second gift is called “coveted” and wowser…isnt it just glorrrrious ? two cuff bracelets, and this huge silver collar…I think it would look adorable worn with a plain little black dress…dont worry if these bold pieces aren’t to your taste, Misti Merryman the owner/designer also makes loadssss of other styles, from dainty to cute…classy & sophisticated…go check it out ! Theres a whole heap of designers showing their gear, tons of gifts (thank you designers !)

get ganked : $GaNKeD$