Come on Lolita…enter the darkkkk zone…

oh mai…my titles don’t get any more contrived do they ! I have some superrrrrr exciting news from Bubblez ! Two new outfits (I’ve been wriggling about waiting for newness, I’m addicted to their details now !) First Id like to show you something that feels a little bit different from the designers usual style..and Im LOVING it…its a new release called “Dark Zone”..click the pics for a more detailed view

Bubblez new release "Dark Zone"

As is usual with a Bubblez  we get those magnificent details all over this outfit, which truly make SO much difference . The components have a resizer script to make any editing required simple (I rarely have to edit the size of my bubblez gear, but I gave it a go just to see !) The belt is awesome and so realistic, but hubba hubba…check out that jacket..it has two options for the collar-with chain or not..all the tiny buckles are so well made..zoom in when you wear it…its breathtakingly beautiful…think Im excited? YES Iam..good quality clothing is my *thing*..I look at an outfit complete…then each piece seperately..how many ways could you wear this? HEAPS! I know the jacket will be worn and worn and worn..the skirt goes with several hundred looks & items I have already..its a hard-working style that really deserves a place in your inventory.

Next..we have one more new release..Gothica Lolita…hold your breath…this is a bubblez superb-alicious!

Bubblez Gothica Lolita New Release

Lord, where do I begin…there is sooo much to this outfit ! It’s visually stunning…frothy…frilly..yet also…something stark & composed about its monochrome beauty.It is Goth…and yet it isnt…it is delicate…and then it is not..All I know is..I felt a million dollars wearing it. The way the skirt layers moved fascinated me..white peeking through the more austere black when I walked..then up to the intricate bodice. The more you look..the more you see..amongst the black netting, tiny tiny flowers…seed pearls scattered .jewelled hearts..it is a simple and complex dress and I ❤ it very much.

Bubblez Gothica Lolita new release

The dress comes with an animated hold parasol or umbrella as we say here…and the most adorable crown hat! Its is totally stunning and timeless..the net & lace gloves , the garters & stockings..all the icing on the this very sumptuous dress.

*twirlsssss around in it once more* I havent taken this off yet..I doubt I shall for a while..its a little like wearing *art*..thank you milo bubble ❤

Be bubbly : Bubblez


Update on Delights by Talena!

New Group gift room !

okkkk girlies..Ive just spoken to Talena the owner of Dbt and she’s informed me about a newwwwww thing thats gonna make life sooo much easier for her group members !

From now on, Talena has a purpose-built “group gift” goodies room…YES! Just for you to go mooch and snaffle up all the group gifts hurrrah! I popped over yesterday and was blow away by the new store build & layout…verrrry chic…easy to navigate…pssssst I don’t think my eyes were deceiving me when I saw a sign that said “Mens wear”…sooo the guys might get in on the gorjussness soon!

Head over and take a wander around…(there’s lots of PINK in this new store build yummmi) The group gifty room is up & running with a stash of  gear placed out already. Join the group (currently only 50L sign up one time fee) and then go WILD!!!

GO get gifty: Delights by Talena


The Seasons Hunt…

Well hubbidy Hubbidy Hubba- this is one of the most superfest hunts I’ve done in a longgg while! All the participating stores have generously hidden a Fall related item inside a little leaf for us to find ! The really awesome thing about this hunt is there are a LOT of stores I’ve never been too before..and some I will definitely be returning too now I’ve sampled their wares ! Get your leaf goggles on and get Hunting! Click the pics for a more detailed view

Duffle coats from Fir,MHO hunt gift sweater on Fai, scarf on Steve from theosophy

The Fir male & female duffle coats are just amazing…such detail, and a great fit with little editing required. The MHO hunt gift from Fir also looks great on us girls! Steve’s scarf was in the hunt from  theosophy-a good match for the duffle coat I think. The pose is the fab gift  from Olive Juice, 3 poses for 3 peeps !

Kusshon Fall tree, TLND chaise (many poses) Doppleganger tshirt,body leaves also in the kusshon gift aww!

I always get a little excited when kusshon is in a hunt..they have such original items and good quality. Their gift box was positively heaving with goodies ! This beautiful tree (yes, that didn’t quite fit in shot!) The leaf hat & body leaves also and more! I adored the TLND chaise, its got many poses and is a gorjus autumnal shade of yellow/gold, its won a permanent slot in my SL home ❤

Art Dummy "apple picking chair" & mijnt "autumn hunter lingerie set

I’ve not been to Art Dummy before, such an unusual store with plenty of fresh ideas to see and try out ! Their gift was this beautifully textured apple picking chair, its full of poses ,plus an apple to wear awww . Mijnt had this goldy russet coloured lingerie set & scarf, check it out close up..its so very pretty.

Elate! Mei dress in Emerald & Clawtooth "one fine day" hair

wow look at that hair ! I’m a blondie girl but this hair from Clawtooth has made me wonder about experimenting with different shades..its stunning, the ivy entwined along one side is a lovely touch. The dress is from Elate, and as usual is classy & well made in a dark sumptous emerald green.

eha seasons hair,Pig cardigan, mocha skirt, RC pumpkins etc huge box of goodness!

Arent we spoiled? Another hair style, this time from a store that I didn’t know of until today called “eha”, its simple but beautiful, the cardigan is from Pig, I adore their understated style sooo much, the leaf design is wicked! Skirt os from mocha, good detailed frilly hem & corded fabric makes this a real winner! In the background you might just notice a few little Fall season items I managed to squeeeeze in shot…they are from RC, a small leaf positively BURSTING with gifts !

Molto Bene "clementines Pumpkin stand & olive juice's leafs (totally fab!)

 Molto Bene has given us the above pumpkin stand, just ideal for dressing up your garden or sim , I’m holding some leaves from Olive juice (an amazing 60L sunday item but available I think still in store) Sweater is from Fri.day, devine deep plummy colour witha darling neck that falls perfectly over your chest.

Glitterati posing bridge

phewwwww, we covered a lot and im exhausted…still a few more stores on the list to visit- and we will! The above is the Glitterati  posing bridge, unbelievably 1 prim! 5 poses to choose from..and ever so prettty !

The Seasons Hunt
September 25th-October 9th- all landmarks for our found items below- have fun!

Molto Bene!    Art Dummy   mocha  glitterati   RC Cluster  eha   Doppleganger Inc   Clawtooth   olive juice   theosophy  fri.day   mijnt

Pig   kusshon


Still Hunting!

Yep I’m still out there, trying to track down those elusive Make Him Over hunt gifts for you to check out! Today I’ve gone almost all the way back to the start of the hunt to show you this gift from BalAni. I really enjoy going to BalAni,they’re always involved in different hunts and giving away gifts and just being awesome. Their MHO gift is one of their best gifts yet, I’d say. It includes not one, but two different pairs of pants: the pinstripe black pants which I’m wearing above and the B&W madras pants which I’ll be showing a little bit further down. You also get the black knit turtleneck sweater which comes with two different versions of the sleeve cuffs, a resize script enabled sweater bottom (and one you can manually resize if you want) and the turtleneck collar, of course. The texture of the sweater is brilliant, looking exactly like it’s supposed to, which is a warm and wonderful knitted sweater.

Next we’re off to Demise, which I’ve been to a few times before in the past (if you’ve been reading us for a while, you might know that lol). For their MHO hunt gift, they are giving away their ‘cloudy sky autumn sweater’. It comes with the matching scarf and pushed up prim sleeves, both of which are easily fitted. As you usually get from Demise, this top is very cool and very well made, I especially like the shade of blue on this shirt/scarf and I always like a good v-neck.

For our last stop today, we’ve got a bit of a montage. The pants you can see in this picture are the madras pants from BalAni’s hunt gift that I mentioned earlier. The necklace is Zenith’s contribution to the hunt and comes in a version for both men and women, for both the chest and spine attachment points, it’s a wicked little necklace with black and white feathers that just look awesome. It’s also script resizeable for easy fitting. The skin is Tellaq’s hunt gift and it’s always excellent to pick up a skin during a hunt. It’s called ‘Robinson’. It comes in two versions, one with the goatee and one without. It is definitely an ultra masculine, realistic skin with a strong face and heavy muscle definition which are detailed really well.

Picture 1 – MHOH4 #12: BalAni
Picture 2 – MHOH4 #157 Demise
Picture 3 – Necklace – MHOH4 #132: Zenith Fashion
Picture 3 – Skin – MHOH4 #158 Tellaq Avatar Creations 


wanna be a Kookie girl!

ohhhhhhh yayy Kookie has a pair of shoes (and boots actually) Still out from Fifty Linden Friday ! I whizzed over sooper fast to snaffle them up…hurry hurry cause they wont be out for long!

::Kookie:: 50L Friday - Miss Vo Multi pumps

The boots were also fabulous buttttt I have a similar pair so tp’d outta there fasssst before i crumbled and bought them!

go pretty up your tootsies : Kookie



STC Eva Berry Group Gift

For those of you who don’t recognise this store name, it stands for “Sweeter than candy”, it’s a great place,and a long time haunt of mine! Today a gifty slithered into my inventory from STC and its pretty fabulous, it’s really 4 dresses in one..Berry colour and classic black, with both colours coming in a short and long skirt option. Both versions leave one thigh naked which is pretttty smexy, gives you a leggy model look that I adore.Click the piccies for a closer view!

STC Eva Berry Group Gift

The bodice of the dress is almost Grecian in style , classic & revealing, held together with a jewelled clasp…head over and take a look around, there’s so much to see. Casuals, to dressy, shoes, boots and some super soft sweaters. One thing I really like is this stores complete outfits. I bought one a few months back that even came with boots..all good quality pieces for a very reasonable price.

Head to the Candy Store: STC


I Want Some More MHO

MORE!? Yes there’s much, much more! Another Make Him Over Hunt post and we’ve barely scratched the surface of this wonderful institution (can we call it that yet, an institution?) Anyway, on with the show.

First up and no I’m not being lazy, I resent that implication 🙂 What I’m doing is showing the Make Him Over Hunt gift on offer from .::Poise::. which is a wicked little set of props for photos (or whatever). It includes the ‘slob’ tv, watching football of course, what else? A can of beer for relaxing and the ‘slob’ chair are also included. The chair comes with 3 in-built poses, all along that slob theme.

Secondly we’ve got the Make Him Over gift from Gabriel which is the ‘Drape Shirt’. As you’d expect from Gabriel, it’s a great looking top, loose looking with the edges of a white shirt underneath showing through. The creases and shading add to that ‘loose’ look and it also comes with sculpted cuffs and a stole (and attached necklace) which is colour changeable to either black, grey, brown, blue and red. You can wear this top either untucked as I’ve shown or on the shirt and underpants layer for a tucked in version.

Next is one of my favourite gifts from this hunt so far: the ‘Foebel’ grey from Ducknipple. You’ll always find some brilliant casual clothes at Ducknipple and this is definitely no different. I love ‘layered’ looks and plaid and this top has both. The prim cuffs, collar and ‘bottom’ of this top all show slight hints of the plaid shirt beneath the grey sweater and it looks awesome. The grey sweater itself is cool too with variations of the colour throughout and a wonderfully warm looking texture, it looks fantastic with jeans and pants both. This is another gift from this hunt you’ll need to go get.

Lastly for today we have the bright red short-sleeved ‘Shelter Me’ hoodie from [Bait]. Once again, another layered top with the white shirt hanging out underneath the hoodie. But with this gift you also get a version of the hoodie by itself that you can wear your own layer underneath with (or nothing at all!). I love the bright colours of this gift and the prim cuffs and hood look great and fit well, the hood comes with a script resizer to make those slight adjustments if need be.

Get these gifts here:
Picture 1: MHOH 4 #135 .::Poise::.
Picture  2: MHOH 4 #140 Gabriel
Picture 3: MHOH 4 #145 Ducknipple
Picture 4: MHOH 4 #152 [Bait]