oyakin gifties

I scooted over to one of my fav clothing stores last night “couverture” fora little light retail therapy…popped into oyakin also and thought Id re-show a couple of their long time gifts!

Oyakin gift dress/top & leggings

The dress (which I’ve worn as a shirt) is in the gift, two shades, khaki & beige, very twirly & girly..the leggings have been in my inventory for a agesss and I use them heaps! several colours, with two cuff style options..so pritty!

Oyakin summer leggings, shown with the "fore" 1L pink tshirt

Remember the fore t-shirts I showed you a day or so ago? Looks sooper cute with the oyakin leggings huh? You can find the dresses & leggings in the back of the store , placed on a small cupboard shelf….hope you like ❤ While you’re in the slow sim…check out a store called node also…such beautiful sculpted items..and of course..toodle along to couverture , prettiest things!