Still Hunting!

Yep I’m still out there, trying to track down those elusive Make Him Over hunt gifts for you to check out! Today I’ve gone almost all the way back to the start of the hunt to show you this gift from BalAni. I really enjoy going to BalAni,they’re always involved in different hunts and giving away gifts and just being awesome. Their MHO gift is one of their best gifts yet, I’d say. It includes not one, but two different pairs of pants: the pinstripe black pants which I’m wearing above and the B&W madras pants which I’ll be showing a little bit further down. You also get the black knit turtleneck sweater which comes with two different versions of the sleeve cuffs, a resize script enabled sweater bottom (and one you can manually resize if you want) and the turtleneck collar, of course. The texture of the sweater is brilliant, looking exactly like it’s supposed to, which is a warm and wonderful knitted sweater.

Next we’re off to Demise, which I’ve been to a few times before in the past (if you’ve been reading us for a while, you might know that lol). For their MHO hunt gift, they are giving away their ‘cloudy sky autumn sweater’. It comes with the matching scarf and pushed up prim sleeves, both of which are easily fitted. As you usually get from Demise, this top is very cool and very well made, I especially like the shade of blue on this shirt/scarf and I always like a good v-neck.

For our last stop today, we’ve got a bit of a montage. The pants you can see in this picture are the madras pants from BalAni’s hunt gift that I mentioned earlier. The necklace is Zenith’s contribution to the hunt and comes in a version for both men and women, for both the chest and spine attachment points, it’s a wicked little necklace with black and white feathers that just look awesome. It’s also script resizeable for easy fitting. The skin is Tellaq’s hunt gift and it’s always excellent to pick up a skin during a hunt. It’s called ‘Robinson’. It comes in two versions, one with the goatee and one without. It is definitely an ultra masculine, realistic skin with a strong face and heavy muscle definition which are detailed really well.

Picture 1 – MHOH4 #12: BalAni
Picture 2 – MHOH4 #157 Demise
Picture 3 – Necklace – MHOH4 #132: Zenith Fashion
Picture 3 – Skin – MHOH4 #158 Tellaq Avatar Creations