The Messenger Always Rings Twice

Bubblez Design - The Messenger Outfit

 I’m taking a little break from hunting to deliver you a message about Bubblez new release ‘The Messenger’ Outfit. If you’ll recall, a couple of days ago Faith showed you the female version and told you that it’s being sold for the very special price of L$99 until the 3rd of October. Well, the same goes for the us guys. 

When I call this an ‘outfit’ I really mean it’s an outfit. It comes with absolutely everything, all rendered in tremendous detail. I mean, it even comes with a pair of prim socks! Can you believe that? Personally, I’d never even seen a pair of prim socks until today. Aside from the socks, the ‘Messenger’ comes with jacket, tanktop, jean shorts and a cool pair of sneakers. The jacket comes with brilliantly detailed sculpted cuffs, collar and jacket bottom and the jeans come with cool buckled cuffs. The textures on these are great, like Faith, I really like the colours of these pieces and the little details like the newspapers drawn into the jeans. 

The clothes are only the start though, along with them you get a very cool cap with dark hair, your special delivery letter to wear in your mouth and a wicked light brown messenger pouch. Really, you get so much with this outfit it’s nearly unbelievable. All the attachments come with script resizers so you can fit them to yourself nice and easily and like I said, every attachment is so well done and detailed. Go and get it and you’ll see why I needed to deliver this message to you guys 🙂 

Get the gear here:
Bubblez Design

Bubblez Design - The Messenger Outfit