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Bubblez Design - Obsidian Outfit Group Gift

I was going to write this up earlier today but then I realised that just because Bubblez Design’s latest group gift was due out on the 11th of September, that didn’t necessarily mean it would be out when it was the 11th of September for me. So, I thought I’d wait a little while and let the rest of the world catch up 🙂 Anyway, I’ll stop pondering about the different dates and time zones in the world and talk about the gift itself. It’s called the ‘Obsidian Outfit’ and a very edgy, cool outfit it is too.

Included are a pair of faded, ripped jeans (they’re normal length but I’ve modded them to wear with my boots), a black tank top and a belted black coat. The coat is very cool, a little longer than a normal jacket with a white collar and cuffs that stand out against the dark colours of the rest of the outfit. The coat is primarily made up with prims but they are easily fitted with the helpful resizer scripts included in them and they help to give the jacket a better, 3-D look to it. The jeans and the tanktop are cool enough so you can wear them by themselves and like I said, you can mod the jeans to wear with boots or just leave them as they are and wear them with normal shoes, either way they look great, perfect grungey jeans. All in all, another great outfit from Bubblez Design and best of all, it’s free! So just join the group and grab them up!

Get the gear here:
Bubblez Design