Tara, Sexy shoes!


Okay, I am short, so what? I decided to shrink my shape a few weeks ago and after some work I ended up being 5′ tall. Pretty small by sl standards but I am pleased with the results. But, there are problems with being short such as: Some people assume you are role playing a child (that has gotten me kicked from a couple of sims though I do NOT role play a kid!) Some animations do not line up correctly, and it does make shopping quite a bit more difficult as many prim parts do not shrink enough. Shoes especially. Invisiprims are a must because a size 0 foot is still too big.  This leads me to a shoe store that I recently discovered: 


Tara’s  has an incredible selection of shoes and boots that will shrink to fit a small avatar.  And for you full size people, they are much more reasonably priced than Stiletto Moody and N-Core, in the neighborhood of 250L for a single color. And yes, they do have prim feet!

There is a multitude of styles to choose from as well.  This shoe store is HUGE! Plus there are Midnight Mania boards all over the place!  I might not shop for shoes anywhere else now. The shoes are scripted with a resizer which is preferable for most, and the color hud is probably the easiest I have used for skin matching and this model comes with 23 nail colors. (Empress is the model i am wearing for this review) For those of you who use viewer 2 these shoes come with an alpha layer that when worn, allows you to get rid of the annoying invisiprims by clicking the appropriate button in the hud.  Not all of the shoes at Tara have this option though. Do give this store a try. I believe you will be impressed!


Tempest strikes again…

Tempest Dungarees Green Freebie

Ahh so I was meant to be working…but…got a notice from the Tempest group (blogged the gorjuss dress from there earlier today-see below)…it said there was a gifty awaiting us in the store..soooo just for you guys (yayaya) I headed over to check it out and awww its dungarees, I have a real fondness for them too..come complete with a bra top to save your blushes, very cool details also..Head over and check the store..its still under construction, but has quite a lot of stuffage around to see yay!

Taxi to go : Tempest


Mon Amour & a teeny bikini..

well actually lots of bikini’s can be found as gifts at “Teeny Bikini” all upstairs…plus..on the ground floor “mon amour” has some really lovely presents for you to sample their wares too! Click the pics for a closer view!

Be Mine - Your Valentine Gift from Teeny Bikini 0L


Teeny Bikini - GothSkullz bikini 0L


Be Mine - Your Valentine Gift from Teeny Bikini 0L


Teeny Bikini - Taste The Rainbow 0L


Mon Amour - Sweetheart Bra and Panty Set 0L

The sweetheart set has such pretty bows on the panties & bra…check it out ! The lingerie from mon amour looked stunning,the designer Devan Michalski states in his profile “Our focus is on making you the most desirable woman on two legs.” I don’t think that’s an understatement from having looked at his collection-simply gorgeous! Attention to detail, all the perfection you could ask for.

Taxi to go : mon amour & Teeny bikini



ooOOoo a new store to me! Shush is in a whole heap of hunts at the moment, I whizzed over there to grab up a few to show you …although there’s loads more to find! Click the pics for a closer view!

Shush Tweed outfit from the FTLO hunt

I found this cuter than a button dress on a counter for 5L..

Shush Funny dots dress 5L

Go take a wander around, seemed to be some really hot gear, and find those gifts!

Taxi to go: Shush



w-o-w if you’re a girly girl like me…youre going to adore this next little number. I was doing my usual peruse through x-street and came across this beautiful dress….and yes…its for 0L ! It’s actually two dresses in one…short & long..click the pics for a closer view! 

Tempest Empire Green short dress


(that’s my Pomeranian doggy “neve”- neve means snowball in Italian- welll that’s what Player told me -it probably means something REALLY rude !!!) 

Tempest Empire Green- long length


The long length version just flows so sumptuously around as you walk…adorable ! 

Although I found this item on xstreet, I snooped about and found the inworld store…still setting up at the moment but this dress is available there and from the looks of the other dresses scattered around on the floor..its definately a place to landmark for the future! 

Taxi to go : Tempest


Delights….delightful… sale time!

Hola! Talena Carissa the owner of dbt had a little word in my ear …she has a sale on yippeee! Also, two new 10L items for you…an outfit AND a pair of truly deelicious shoes.  I try very hard to stay away from this store as I always always break my self imposed buying rule and come away with a stash of goodies, great news is it wont break the bank! Good value, smexy styles…I lurrrve ! okokok less yap from me…onto the pics..click for a closer view

Deidre Black Leather Ankle Wrap Sandal & Vada Simple Lace Up Top & Shorts Black
Deidre Black Leather Ankle Wrap Sandal

These shoes just rock…very “flashdance” ! Easy to edit…tried them on with many outfits and they just look fabulous.

The 25L sale lasts till Friday, and includes most everything apart from new releases & fat packs…so if youve been holding back on  treating yourself to that complete outfit you saw..hurry along and snaffle it up!

Taxi to go : delights by Talena