Paisley Mania

SF Design Paisley Shirt - L$25

What better way to end a perfectly dull and dreary Monday than with some colour. Well, I guess for a lot of you it’s the beginning or middle of your Mondays but the same principle still applies. 

Today’s Monday Mania item from SF Designs is the Paisley Shirt and I love it! I think I have a thing for colourful, patterned shirts as I always seem to like one when I find them. It comes with two different versions: the three-quarter length sleeve and open neck you can see above or a long sleeve, fully buttoned type. They come with a prim collar, a kipper flexi tie and both versions have their own prim cuffs. This shirt has a slight silky look to it and makes the bright colours look even more brilliant. I love the look of the pattern, as always swaffette has done an amazing job and for only L$25 it is an absolute steal. Go on down and put some colour into your Monday 🙂 

Get the gear here:
SF Designs 

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