Animal Lovers Hunt…awwww & ooOOOoo

yay! I love critters and all things animal related…so this hunt ticked a few boxes for me..oh it was FUN! Not as easy as some but that’s part of the thrill of finding the prizes!

Youre looking for a teeny tiny panda at each location BUT we also found some other hunt items at the stores as we went along ! See below for a few of our favourites..I defy you not to go “awwwwww” at least once!

Upon arriving at the first location, there is a photo opportunity with a giant panda !

oh cmonn give him a hug!

Ok on with the prizes – we found lotsss but will show just a few, there are unisex gifts also guys! tatts, tshirt, even pj’s !

Props n Poses Panda Family
diavolicious techi hunt prize-found this along the way! Its a wearable yay!
mycophile bunny boardhouse-omg cute!
Shiny shop cars! They play songs,emit stuff- great fun
Naminoke rabbit sofa
diavolicious Teddy away wearable-comes with Teddy jewelry also!
infinity creations snuggle teddy,sooper cute animations
diavolicious cuddle teddy-comes with teddy jewelry and the away wearable above!


Go do the hunt, it’s a lot of fun and great, generous gifts from the designers…I found a whole load of stores Id never been too before, some that I shall return too for sure !

Taxi to go hunt: The animal lovers hunt