KissKissBangBang ooo shoessss

You know sometimes on a Friday I move slowwww, sometimes-like today– I move fassssssst…the difference? Well its simple dimple..the owner of KKBB Delia Linette..sent a note out about this LICKABUBBLE pair of shoes shed been working on..thats always gonna make my bones jump into action!! They are truly scrummmmmmy…check them out…click the pic for a closer view!

Strapped Heels - Tan Leather&Cream Suede 10L

The purrrfect shade for summer..Im totally into beiges & tan right now so I almost fainted with desire…my  little paws couldnt pay the vendor fast enough lol yay! Theres a HUD for skin tone & nail colour..you can also re-size…I lurrrrve them

Taxi to go: KKBB