Swimmin’ with Shiki

Shiki Swimwear Group Gifts - L$0

Shiki are absolutely brilliant when it comes to group gifts, they always have something new regularly available so tonight Faith and I ran down to pick up the swimwear group gifts you can grab at the moment.

For the guys there is a pair of swim trunks or boardshorts, whatever you call them, they are a wicked looking pair of shorts though. I love the design and the blue, white and grey colouring of them. They can be worn either on the underpants or trousers layers. They come with prim cuffs and a little prim lace in the front. They did have to be edited a little, but not much and they’re good looking enough to be worth it anyway.

For the girls, Faith grabbed the purple print bikini. That came with prim laces for the top as well. It’s a very simple but well made and very cute bikini, though be warned, it is a little on the small side if you don’t like that kind of thing 🙂

Shiki also have a load of their previous group gifts available, a whole roomful actually, plus a huge store filled with colourful, fun clothes for guys and girls.

Grab the gear here: