Captivity iN Limbo

The NLimbo Poses & Photography and Shopping Mall are having themselves a hunt. A mall-wide hunt instead of a grid-wide hunt… that’s much more my style! Items have been hidden all over the mall, in all of the stores and they haven’t gone over the top in hiding what you need to find (like some hunts I’ve been on recently). Speaking of what you need to find, the symbol is a little blue butterfly and like I said, not difficult to find at all. There are a bunch of different stores in the mall and today I’m just showing the Steve 1 pose (great name) from NLimbo and the Chick Magnet shirt from [Captivity Co.]. Poses always come in handy for me and there’s a few to be found.

[Captivity Co.] also has the grey Commando shirt as a freebie available right near the door so if you get on down there, you’ll come home with a load of cool gear 🙂

Start your hunting here: NLimbo Poses & Photography and Shopping Mall