The Sea Hole

weeeeeee woke up to a freee skin…how can my Saturday get any better? Its a subscribo gift from The Sea Hole and is promoting their new skin line called “Drinkskin”,the colour is a delicate pale shade called  AmberFAwn…just slap the subscribo board outside , you will receive a lulli little dress for signing up , then slap the subscribo again and go to the history to find number 1 which is the skin gifty hooray! see pics below, click for a more detailed view

WHo ate dress in Dark eve subscribo gift

now the skinnnnn

Drinkskin AmberFAwn- OHEMGEE i cant belive its free- giftskin

Take a look around instore girls…its STASHED full of prittttinesss!

Taxi to go : The Sea Hole


Schwarz & sad skins

Ive never really tried out skins that arent just, well you know….”normal” Im the classic girl-next-door sorta chick…butttt Schwarz sent out a note about a promotion on a *sad* skin, 10L with or without cleavage shading..soooo I tohught Id give it a go ! Im SO glad I did…its actually very pretty in a sadddd sorta way lol. Here it is along with a few other special offers from schwarz…click the pics for a larger view!

Schwarz - Annie Special sad-promo 10L

I got jailed for uhmm…”Extreme shopping fetish* whats a girl to do when locked up? Try on their shopping yay! Luckily I had my schwarz packages handy so I occupied myself seeing what they were like until Player came to find meeee, heres the capri set & pasties 10L

Schwarz- F..ck Capris & Pasties 10L

oh GOD…where is he…Im banged up ,had my one call *sigh* I guess he’ll be along soon ,getting desperate for some coffee in this joint..ah well next outfit is the Schwarz-Ruffle Dress incl. net shirt & string, verrrrrry sweeeet 10L

Schwarz-Ruffle Dress incl. net shirt & string 10L

yay the coffee’s arrived…with cookies yummm.(coffee set available at F.A.B for 65L only 6 prims!)..things are looking up…the ruffle dress also comes with a rather smexy net shirt & thong..

Schwarz-Ruffle Dress incl. net shirt & string

OOoooo I found an outfit in the bottom of my bag from Mayden couture (thanks for the tip off from Beta Gothly!) *Mayden couture* Special Selena gift 1L for the gorjusss gold lame dress

Mayden couture Special Selena gift 1L

*frowny face* its getting dark and Im still here…help!

Taxi to get the looks: schwarz

Coffee set : F.A.B

Mayden couture for gold dress


Memories of Eros

Eros Gift - Greggor


Perhaps some of you will remember the first ever Make Him Over hunt, I do because I’m a packrat who never deletes much and still has most of the gear from the first MHO hunt. Anyway, one of the items you could pick up during that hunt was the “Greggor” outfit from Eros. If you’ve still got it from that hunt, all the better, if you don’t have it, now’s your chance to pick it up as a gift. The outfit comes with black jeans (they’re modifiable which is cool because they were just a Little baggy for me) and the grey and black shirt. It comes with prim cuffs and collar that don’t require much editing to fit and the shirt can either be worn open or closed, tucked or untucked.
The top I’m wearing under the shirt (and by itself in the pic below) is the June group gift from Shiki. Another group worth having as they have a huge amount of their old group gifts still available and Shiki make some really cool, different clothes for guys and girls.
Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Greggor Outfit: Eros (I tried to get this SLURL from within the store but if it doesn’t work, use the Eros store TP board near the landing point)
Picture #2 (below): Sleeveless Shirt White: Shiki 

Shiki June Group Gift


who knows?…I doooo.well Zan does to be exact as she tipped me off about this store !..hop over to whonose and snap up this cuteness…click the pics for a more detailed view!

WhoNose Happy New Year Gift

yes its way past new year but this darling little outfit AND boots is still up for grabs!

WhoNose Picnic Outfit - Dollarbie & berries Inc summer gift bag 0L

I teamed this sweet picnic whonose dress with the berries inc free summer gift bag!

Limo to go gather the goodies : whonose find the bag at : berries inc


Tempting Poison

ohhhhh gurlsss Poison have a newwwwww dress out *hops-skips-jumps*…its verrrrry naughty, with lots of nipplage..of COURSE its also rather skimpy & short..sheers panels and a button up front with a dangerously lowwwww front to reveal all that cleavage…you know WHY these clothes are sooo goood?.(apart from the obvious they just ROCK)..because I never…ever…have to edit a thing…not one..nothing..nada…open…wear…voila! Im lazy…I got better things to be doin in SL than dragging skirt & collar prims around…Poison clothing is uber awesome this way…it just fits hurrrah! Click the pick for a more detailed view !

Poison "Trocho dress "

okkk hands up…whos gonna go ask Mister  Torok what Trocho means????? Im prittty sure its something ..uhmm….norty lol

Taxi to go fetch the gear : Poison


like a…Phoenix Rising

from the flamesssss of Tuesday-lawd hellishly hot here…so I decided to abandon the garden and my hammock and go smewching about for stuff in the coolness of my office. I tripped over to Phoenix rising and was well rewarded when I visited the discount area…hubba hubba..look at my haul for not-very-many-pennies!

First I got my clammy little paws on this “vanilla kiss” a really versatile package of goodies, several ways to wear it  hurrrah! 50L for ALL of it

The short ruffly dress was my fav..fahbulous jaunty jacket with option for scarf or no scarf…beautifully textured…

Phoenix Rising- vanilla kiss

Then I tried it with the pants & jacket…great prim cuffs..no editing required yay!

Phoenix Rising- Vanilla Kiss pants suit

and thennn for my final trick…the camisole & pants, all this for 50L !

Phoenix Rising- Vanilla Kiss pants & camisole

I found a dollarbie on the floor called *lucky* and it certainly was for meeee…stunning shades of green and check out that belt..yummmmeh

Phoenix Rising- Lucky 1L

My attention was then attracted by this dress called *tastee* several colours, I lovedddd the tobacco gold…25L ! (includes that fahbulous belt)

Phoenix Rising- Tastee

Last but not least…let your domme side shine girls…this feels a little fetishy to me..or maybe Im just a pervalicious chick..10L its all yours..includes the silver chain belt also…*purrrrrrr*

Phoenix Rising- Christieanna's Secret 10L

There was tonssss more to be discovered, when you land, check the tp board and head for the disacount section…have fun!

Taxi to go : Phoenix rising


To Group or not to Group

Zoobong Group Gift

I always have to sit back and think when there’s a group gift that I want but you have to pay an entry fee. However, store groups that do charge fees for entry can usually be counted on to give out regular and excellent gifts. I’m not saying they all do, but it’s generally what I’ve found so far. Today is a perfect example of the fee being worth it: the group gift above is the Ocean 1.0 skin from Zoobong and I think it’s a pretty wicked skin. The detail on the face and body look brilliant (click the picture to get  a better look). Now you have to be a group member and it costs L$300 to join, but once you have you can pick up this skin for L$1 and if the gifts keep coming like this one then, wow,  in the long run it’s definitely worth the money 🙂
The shorts in the picture are also from Zoobong and are called the !K&G Shorts in white, they cost just L$50 and were perfect to show off some skin with lol.

Get them here: Zoobong