Muscled In

Yep sometimes I just like throwing a muscle tee on with some jeans or shorts and heading out, I just like them and you can do a lot with them. They look good with most pants and you can wear them under almost any kind of jacket or unbuttoned shirt. Anyway, on to These muscle tees, they’re new from SF Designs and they are awesome. For starters you can get them for only L$50 each or the whole pack of 10 for L$250. They come in a Lot of bright, fresh colours like lime green, orange, pink, red, purple and, of course, black and white. As you’d expect from SF Design, these tees look really good, the creases make them look like they’re hugging your muscles tightly. Yeah, I’ll be wearing these quite a bit. And so should you 🙂

Get them here: SF Design


!Drakke! “World Cup” Ankle Boots

Oh maiiiii…Sunday keeps getting better & better ! Just scurried over to Drakke boots to take a peek at their new world cup range, if your teams still in it…go get some! For group members there is a neutral black pair…superb as always with a little goal net between the heel & boot-cuteee!

Click the pic for a better view!

drakke world cup boots 1L

Im also wearing two more of those Rock Me Amadeus items @ 1L per pack..the “itsy bitsy” T shirt comes in a vast array of colours, plus the fishnet leggings @ 1L that come in uhmm….4 colours I think (including PINK yay!) Im a bit of a fishnet kinda gal…Totally useful purchase 🙂 Hit the links and go shop!

Drakke Boots

Rock Me Amadeus




You’ll have to be sooooper fast to grab this gurls..Opa’s Boutique have this out until end of play today , isnt it swirly? For today ONLY its a mere 60L, this includes the gauzy sarong & bikini.plus matching bangles!..(pssssst Topaz Joubert stop shopping and make this in PINK!) Take a wander around and youll also spot some real couture finds, along with a couple more specials.

Limo to the prettiness: Opa’s



Men of Style 2010 Promo

Its raining men….. hooorayyy!!Yes it will be… *dances around* MANIERA  Magazine is running its “Man of Style” Comp.. (copied directly from a note thatTopaz Joubert the CEO of Maniera sent to me….)

“Maniera Magazine, Second Life’s top fashion and lifestyle magazine, is searching for 5 eligible bachelors to feature in our August issue that can shine like gods among the mere men that walk the sims of SL.

We are looking for single, eligible men from various backgrounds and industries who can give us the TRIPLE S THREAT! These men embody: Substance, Style and Sex Appeal!”

No fee to enter…No clothing store you have to go buy items from..youre not relying on a popularity contest from your mates either…for an application form & rules regarding entry pop along to here chaps

My Maniera

Contest begins Tuesday, JUNE 1, 2009 until Saturday, JULY 3, 2010.


The Five will be picked by a panel of judges. 

 Good Luck !


Mayde(n) Man


Well Faith finally got herself out of prison and she took me to a cool little store called Mayden Couture. I’d never heard of it before today but I liked what I saw, they have a little bit of everything: clothes, shoes, jewellery, skins etc and what’s even better, they have Gifts! They are group gifts so you’ll have to join to get the two gifts they have out (they’ll also cost you 1L$ each) . The first one is the Marian pack of t-shirts. All the t-shirts are black and come in multiple layers and each one has a different graphic on them. They are quite cool.

For the second gift, you get two really nicely done black sport coats, the material has a slightly ‘frayed’ look on the side and back that makes them look a little different to the usual sort/suit coats you see around the place 🙂

Get them here: Mayden Couture


Remember Summer?

How can we forget it just arrived yay! I have nuuuuuuu hair girlies…can you believe this was just 15L? For a pack of blonde shades? oot oot! It has a bit of a wedding feel to it I think…the flowers wound around the up-do are colour changeable also….devine *twirlssssss*

:Kc: Hair -Remember Summer- Blonde pack

There is also a biggggg pack of hair for free, called “Hanky” its a beach bandana style -really cool!!! Check out the other styles..range from 15-30L per pack….yay for KC Hair!

:Kc: Hair -Remember Summer- Blonde pack

Taxi to go look pretty : :Kc: Hair