For all you Keglers in SL …

… also cats & kitties who dig a retro vibe, or just ANYONE who loves high-quality SL footwear: I recommend you pay a visit to Jeepers Creepers, and soon.

Eponymous Trenchmouth is celebrating the opening of his new-updated store by giving away these great Strike! bowling shoes in a special green-and-black color.

JC’s usual great quality and attention to detail abound in the leather textures, stitching, sole, tread, eyelets, everywhere! These are resize-scripted to fit human Avatars of any gender or size. They even come with a free pair of socks and a walk animation, just in case you need one of those, too. JC’s quality is among the very best on the grid, and you sure can’t beat the BEST for FREE!

While you are there, be sure to check out the jaw-dropping sale prices, too. Most pairs are reduced in price by at least $L50, and many by $L100 or more… and the fatpack pricess – DAY-UM! I spent soooo much money!! I saw many of my favorite styles there selling at fatpack prices which work out to only $L125/pair. The shoes in the transferrable vendor are at the sale prices too!

This sale has been going on for a little while now and I have no idea when it ends, so you’d better get there soon! You will fiind these in the box marked “FREE!” on the counter behind the attendant.

Photos taken at Bergson’s Beach Bowling and More, Cartunno Beach