Jeans of Virtue

FK Virtues Mens 23 Gray Jeans - Capri

FK Virtues is a store I first found a while back, I think it was at some charity event (not too sure though). The jeans looked great and when I see great looking jeans, I have to pick them up, that’s all there is to it 🙂 Yesterday I took a trip down to the main store and was Very happy to find that you get three versions of their 23 Jeans in gray if you join the subscribo-matic (subscibo’s are a wonderful invention, no hair tearing about which group to leave). You get the capri version, the skinny version and the classic. The skinny and capri versions come with prim cuffs and all three versions come on the underpants layer as well as the normal. It’s not just for guys either, you girls get the same deal. So that’s six pairs of jeans in one pack, for nothing. Add that to the fact that FK Virtues has a lot of cool, urban clothes for men and women…hmm makes it hard to pass up.

Get them here: FK Virtues

FK Virtues Mens 23 Gray Jeans - Classic