Mayden Couture sneaky!

ohhh fabulous fabuloussss Tuesday! A devine  day for boooots & shoesssss . I’m such a lucky gurl to receive these rather delicious sneaker boots from Mayden Couture to try..very sumptously detailed..laced to below the knee…high gloss toe caps..I love I love *squeal*. I spotted a whole bunch of boots when I popped in the other week..and landmarked it for further umm….well you know…a more detailed & lengthy smooooch around (ok ok ok ok so I’m a boot whore BUSTED !)

Heres the beautifulness…click the pic for a better view

Mayden couture - SneakerBoot black (230L)

Go take a look around, mayden couture has HEAPS of prettiness for guys also!

Taxi to go : Mayden couture