oh oh oh lookie what I found on xstreet for just ONE of your linden dollars hurrrah! Candy Metal has a few dollarbies out on the out-of-world store right now..not sure how long they will be up fer grabs…so hurrry…Click on the pics for a more detailed view!

First up Teshan outfit-I got a thing about belts and this one is awesome, comes with the blouse & skirt.

CandyMetal Teshan 1L on xstreet

Next is Grenei, love the bulky sweater and skirt!

CandyMetal Grenei 1L xstreet offer

Finally boooooots, and luckily for moi, the PINK ones were 1L (the other colours were only 20L !)

CandyMetal~Boots Pink 1L xstreet offer

 Heres the link to Candy Metal’s xstreet page, thumb through the lot its well worth it, prices are inexpensive, the dollarbies are on the last coupla pages


ahhh armchair shopping at its finest huh?