A note from the new guy.

Hello! I’m Drivin Sideways and I am very proud to announce that I will be contributing here from time to time. Fai, Player, and auststeve have been gracious enough to invite me to the Pure Eggs & Spam team and I’m waaay jazzed!

I have a bit of a fetish for shoes so you’ll probably be hearing me rattle on about men’s footwear frequently, although I quite enjoy sharing a good freebie as well.

Fair warning: I have a sometimes uncontrollable wry cynical sense of humor with a side order of pun-fixation and a generally twisted linguistic obsession. Groaners will ensue. Regardless, I hope that you enjoy a thing or two that I may write along the way. *smile*

On an unfortunate note: we recently had some trouble with a griefer at my fave-a-roni inworld hangout and it fell upon me to … ummmm … shall we say … “take care of business”.     So if you will kindly excuse me I believe that right now is a nice time for a little stroll down by the river.

Have a good day!

On my shoulder I’m carrying a cool freebie called “Get rid of the evidence” from (0thrive). That is a zero the name and you need the parenthesis as well to locate the place in search. You can find The Evidence and some other cool things in the black bag on the crate.
Also on Drivin:

  • Walker boots, Tan & Black – [hoorenbeek] L$520
  • Classic elephant jeans – Elephant Outfitters L$145
  • “Bruce” skin – Tellaq L$1400
  • Bennet Bowling shirt – Hell Bop L$135
  • D&G Blue ceil sunglasses – Original Sin L$265

Photos taken in Northfarthing region.

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