Flower Power

Daisy’s Designs has some verrrrry feminine lingerie for you…plus more. Thanks to Signe who tipped me off about this store! I wandered over this mawnin after coffee and was rather surprised to find such a treasure trove of lulliness and nothing over 10L ! If you’re nekolicious you’ll love some of the full outfits, PLUS I had been on the lookout for a ballerina outfit WITH shoes for simply eons..and they had one!! I snaffled up two lingerie outfits, one in an adorable summer gold, and a classic silver ensemble. The nice thing about the lingerie is you get not only bra & panties but also a negligee wooot! On with the pics, click for a larger view! (BIG booobie alert!)

Daisys Designs Jolina The Ballerina Full Outfit 10L
Daisys Designs Diamond Lingerie 10L
Daisys Designs Diamond Lingerie 10L (shown with negligee)
Daisys Designs Diamond Gold Butterfly Lingerie (shown without negligee)
Daisys Designs Diamond Gold Butterfly Lingerie (shown with negligee) 10L

Lift to get the gear : Daisy’s Designs


Poison newness for boys..but yeah..Im wearin it!!

Corocota Torok who is Mister Poison…has got a new boys shirt out and its pretty edible…trouble is though..Steve couldnt wrestle it off me to model  it *grins* sooooo Im doing it..cause it actually is hot on chicks too!! Great prim cuffs , treat yourselves boys…125L its a steal. (try to visualise it with no bewbies poking out- I know I know its hard huh? )

Mort Shirt by Poison 125L

Alsooooo there is newness in the jeans dept *squeal* I just adore these…very cute with the splashed handprint on the butt lol. As usual those *just-fit-right* prims, two options on style “show-yer-kitty-almost” and normal. Cause Im prettty shy Im wearing the normal ones. 150L, for two pairs…I call that a deal.

Puerc Jeans by Poison 150L
The butt shot with handprint splash!

The Store has been remodelled also..and I found it looked much more spacious and lurrrrred me in to look around …go take a look..new releases are just inside the door..plus the ever-awesome MM board that is regulary changed..

Grab a lift : Poison


cover them up !!

Schwarz subscribo gift!

Just what every chick needs…some handy dandy nipply covers ! Check these silver glitter ones out that came through today from Schwarz for all subscribo members ..go take a look round the new store, slap the suby’s butt for these and enjoy the new shopping area there ! Psssst…those shoes…arent they deelicious? Indyra Designs..called Olivia..*wrigggle*

Taxi to ride : Schwarz


Monday Maniac

SF Design Camo Hooded Jacket White L$25

So I know there’s not too many reasons to get excited about Mondays, but I think I’ve found something that might help. Every Monday a group of stores release an item costing between L$25  & L$ 50 (for Monday only). Today I happened to find this hooded camo jacket from SF Design. I think I’ve mentioned before how I’m not the biggest fan of hoodies but this jacket is really quite excellent. For a start, it doesn’t have that bowl shaped hood at the back of your neck that I end up having with most hoodies. The hood on this jacket looks quite natural. Another reason I like this jacket is that there are prims for both the upper and lower arms and they give the jacket a bulkier look. The textures are wicked, I especially like the cuffs. For L$25 this jacket is an absolute steal and it comes in both men’s and women’s versions 🙂

Get it here: SF Design


are YOU a Fashion Freak???

If you are..get your skates on for possibly one of THEE most fabulous hunts around at the moment…I’ll kick it off with this prettiful dress that I cant stop wearing…its SO girlyfied and swirlyfied…yummmmmi, its made by “Wondrous Strange” and is called “checks in the mail” oh mai gawd isnt it dehhhvine?

Wondrous Strange -checks in the mail dress


Sweeter than candy group gift 0L

Hooooo-hahhhhhh a new group gift has arrived from Sweeter than candy!! Its rather twirly & girly..beautiful bronze layered dress, gorjuss detail on the bodice….ty STC! To collect go to the store, join the subscribo update group and hit the group gift beside it- simple dimple 🙂

(cord necklace from DUH-I seem to recall it was on the dollarbie board-but go anyway theres So much lulliness there!)

Fai ❤

Dash to the store here : STC