12 Rounds with LaVie

LaVie Group Gift - Liam L$1

If you guys want to look like you’ve just spent a busy evening bare-knuckle fighting, then head on down to LaVie and pick up their latest group gift skin, Liam. Like all their skins, it has a great look to it and is well detailed. The bruises and scratches look pretty realistic and rugged. The LaVie group costs L$250 to sign up but it’s well worth it as they usually have pretty regular and awesome gifts. The skin itself will cost L$1 after you join and comes in two colours, tanned and dark. Just keep some band-aids handy 🙂

Grab it here: LaVie

*extras: Military Cap “Sexy Curly” Dark Brown Argrace | Khaki Shorts Black Laqroki (not free)*