Myself Monday

-Myself- Mecohue Shirt & Ocassional Jean L$75 each

Oh boy, I had to put this one together in a hurry! I just got word that Myself was having a huge sale on their men’s clothes where everything was L$75! I’ve been to Myself before and know they have some pretty cool casual clothes so I had to run on down and pick up a couple of things. I grabbed the Mecohue shirt in black and white whichI really like. The prim cuffs and collars have a resizer script in them and they fit pretty well. Personally I’d rather resize things manually but in this case, the script works well. I also picked up their Ocassional jean which have a good faded look to them. While I noticed their full outfits aren’t L$75 each, all the individual pieces I looked at were and there is a Bunch to choose from. Now from what I read, this sale only lasts until Monday and it’s already Monday here in Australia so I’m not exactly sure how long this sale has left to run. You’ll want to be quick and not miss out!

Check it out here: Myself