Pssssss poke prod

okkk WAKE UP…ive got stuffage for youuuu, an no messsin..no small talk..on to the gooodies *squeal*

First up DYN has a new dollarbie…and Im lovin itttt…purply mauve romper dress…their usual quality “open & wear”. click each pic for a BIG viewwww!

DYN May dollarbie 1L

Next we have the new P.S Style group gifty, long time since I had something new & blue to wear, flirty little top and short shortsss yay! Theres even a pair of blue flats in the box for you too!

P.S Style group gift 0L

Grab the stash : DYN

P.S Style group gift (join group/wear tag to get : P.S Style

Credits: Diesel works poly wall poses, Truth Riley hair in seaspray