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Santa Baby (freebies)

Bubbles free gift

I had a note from milo bubble of Bubblez today, a new group gift is out and she has been beavering away making her store look at wintry ! This little tartan outfit is majorly cute, I’m not 100% sure but I think its fitted mesh as it came in one size fits all kinda deal. It fitted perfectly over my Slink physique body and my non mesh body. You also get a darling little Santa hat with it. Soooo as I had a little time to wander I took the opportunity to walk around Bubblez land, there’s a lot to see plus some adorable items with poses in them to prance about on. Photographers dream! I noticed a little white door and clicked on it…it revealed a TP – whats a girl to do?! Went up to another snowy area and found a gift! I’ll leave it to you to find out what and where it is.

Bubblez 1 prim decor gacha 10L a pop !

Uhm I also have an admission to make, inside the Bubblez store, right by the Christmas tree is a gacha machine. I had noticed this little doll around the place and saw it was just 1 prim, thennnn I saw it was inside the gacha machine – ohmaiii! I went on a bit of a gacha bender to be honest. I won some gorgeous winter decor items a tiny fir cone Christmas tree and finally won the dolly yay! Everything seems to be mesh and 1 prim, at 10L a pop give it a whirl. All the prizes are transfer so would also make brilliant gifts to give to friends. Thanks Milo <3


Missed it.

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Even Glow has some new FREENESS out and of course I zipped over to grab it.  This dress is in Petrol blue, which is why I’m posing in my garage.  A lovely light sheen to it, plenty of folds and a great choice of sizes.


I’ve had this thing stood here for several months now and I’ve only just realise that it will actually give you a can of soda!  The skirt is the freebie, salmon coloured, light sheen and the thin leather belt a lovely touch.

fruit loop

Fruit Loop is the name of the skirt and it’s definitely a reblog and certainly worth a reblog as even in the colder months teamed with leggings, socks etc just as wearable.  Actually there is a new skirt there as well but in my excitement to grab the new freebies I grabbed 2 of the salmon coloured skirt and missed a rather good blue, dotty, zippered skirt.  You will find the ones, and more GG’s or Discounted items, just inside the entrance and the new great skirt behind the desk.

Even Flow

Winter theme (Freebies)


FREE Winter gazebo

I’m always on the look out for pieces to take photos in or around, and at the moment I’ve been searching out some wintry themed things. I was pretty chuffed with this little find a sweet looking pavilion with frosted glass panels and wooden planks. Perfect to take photos inside ! It is a little heavy on the prim count side, but not overly so. It’s entirely free which also makes me smile .

free WINTER HOUSE -ModCopy decorated inside

I also found this ” Santa’s house” build. Its copy & mod so you can play around with it if you wish. Outside it’s a traditional log cabin build, lovely effects on the glass and comes pre-decorated with lights a snowman and tree. Inside is a roaring fire, candles, rugs etc.  As its modify, you could snip out a few décor items to save on prims.

Happy Sunday lovelies! Ohhhh by the way Zan and I are thinking of changing the sim (Dreamworks is the name feel free to pop over) to Winter next week *squeeee* I’ve been buying up heaps of Crissmassy stuff to decorate and we have a brandspankin new snow machine to set up. I’m SO excited. Keep watching here for more news !

Faith <3

Santas Home

Shay Pavilion


Freezing thighs

21Shoe Shai - coldLogic brat sweater NEW!

One last shout out for 21Shoe, you’ve only got a few more hours to get out there and grab up the goodies for your trotters! I’m wearing one of the pairs of these delicious boots by Shai, you get two colour tones in the offer ! Not for Slink feet, which is a nice change. You get a multitude of sizes in the box and a demo to try in the store – go gettum! I’m also wearing one of the new sweaters from coldLogic’s latest release. Its called “brat” and this is the peachy shade. Such a cuddly jumper, ideal for slinging over leggings or jeans or if you’re truly brave wear it as a dress like moi. I’m wearing the boots and sweater over my Slink Physique body, so as you can see they both fit purrrfectly !

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


21Shoe blog for all URL’s and info

Scarlet Woman/Nude Woman.

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Cross red

Everything bar the kitchen sink is included in this outfit, you get not only the jumpsuit but the shoes, hair bow, glasses but even the make up!  all for the price of ZERO.  Yup a freebie from Brii.  Actually there was 2 of them but as soon as I spotted this I grabbed it and I can’t remember what the other one was but knowing Brii chances are it’s going to be a fully packed outfit.


Close up of the shoes which you will need SLink med feet for.


I was down to my last 6Lds so to find this really great “nude” outfit for just a Dollarbie was a find.  Excellent fit and texture and I’m going to be keeping this which as someone who has an overstuffed invent shows how much I love it.  Again RL time issues mean I’ve not got much details on any inworld shop if there is one inworld but I do know that sadly this is the only Dollarbie they have on offer in their Marketplace shop.


BLOKC Marketplace

That sinking feeling.

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Turns out I’m not the only one who has been suffering from my feet sinking into the ground it also turns out to be easily resolved.


The problem…


…the problem solved.

It’s easy peasy to do and BIG Thanks to Faith for letting me know about this.  Click onto yourself and go into “Appearance” and then chose “Edit Shape” and on the first window that opens is the Body and if you scroll down to the bottom you will see a new option titled “Hover” and you simply slide this and it lifts or lowers you as you need.  Trust me it’s easy once you try it.  The only thing is you have to remember to “Save” the edit or else you will simply sink again.

PS if you like the shoes they came from Mute and it’s having a closing down sale and everything inc these shoes are reduced to 10Lds (shoes are in a Gacha).


Temptation is here

CIRCA New! Scarlet Creative lace old table NEW! FREE fireplace Bazar

So its cold here and when its cold I want stodgy comforting food. Here I am scarfing down a brownie or five beside a roaring fire (free from Bazar as a group gift in the main entrance. Blogged before but All these scrummy treats are by Circa and are currently on offer at 50% off during The Thrift Shop event. Must mention the lace topped table by Scarlet Creative, its pretty unique and a little shabby, perfect for setting out a few mince pies for your guests. The table is on offer at the moment for 50L, go grab yourself a copy before the offer ends!


I love the cheeseboard ! Yes yes yes I am a cheese addict too , who doesn’t like a cracker with lashings of butter (salted of course) and a big old chunk of cheese? Gone are the days of food items in Second Life being a huge primtastic affair, all of these are super low prim so you can really go to town and scatter them about.

CIRCA New @ The Thrift Shop

Each item also gives out on touch, an edible that animates you eating it.  This deluxe cupcake stand is so detailed. The cakes have little bows and decorations and the cup cake cases have tiny snowflakes adorning them. On the larger pieces you will also notice they have attached décor, such as above, the bauble and flake. This round of The Thrift Shop runs until the 30th November so get your skates on and grab up some goodies. Thanks Cherelle <3

The Thrift Shop

Scarlet Creative



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