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Today is a crummy day maybe not as crummy as yesterday was and hopefully not as crummy as tomorrow maybe but still crummy.  The worst thing is I have such lovely things to show you and yet SL and RL’s crummiest is stopping me.


So I decided to do the adult thing and not destroy Derailed but to log off SL, put on the fire, pull down the blinds, dug out my emergency supply of Ben n Jerries and I’m going to watch a really naff horror film.

Hopefully either later today or more probably tomorrow I will be able to get my act together and show you my new goodies.  Till then I hope that if anyone else is having a hump day you too can snuggle until it goes away.

Memories of Paris

Memories of Paris - 2 prims FREE !

I’ve had this collection of pictures in my SL home for a while now and keep forgetting to share it with you. I found it on the market place as a free gift from 1NP’s store. At just two prims its really ideal to spruce up your space without spending any cash or using up those valuable prims!

Memories of Paris

Christmas Wishes (freebies inc.)

coldLogic sweater NEW - Mina hair - wintertime bike by what next boots Storm Crow Designs colour HUD inc 100L !

It’s no secret that I just adore Christmas is it ? I couldn’t wait to get my mitts on the sim and make it over for winter ! My paws are dead tired now after humping stuff innnn and outtt of my inventory – but its done . So, I was thinking back to a few years ago, about a lovely thing that happened to me. Long story short I was sent a gift from “Santa” after writing him a letter at one of those Christmas places. I didn’t ask for anything they could actually give to be honest but they sent me something lovely – I was stoked and it made me smile. In the spirit of “giving back”, Id like to try to replicate those feelings in some of YOU , I know right? DEAD exciting ! Dreamworks is our home sim, you will land at the hot chocolate machine, grab a cup and follow the board walk to the snowy tunnel. This leads out onto the skating pond. At the far end Santa is waiting for you, complete with comfy lap to sit on. To the side is his mailbox, with easy to understand instructions on how he likes his mail delivered.

High length Boots Storm Crow Design 100L colour change HUD inc.

You can wish for anything in your note and Santa will try VERY hard to make it come true. Obviously he is a pretty busy boy around this time of year, he might only be able to do a few ! anyhooo onto the main feature of this blog NEW pretties. I helped myself to some fingerlickin gorgeous boots, they are by Storm Crow Design and are on offer for just 100L at the new round of Designer Circle. Bloomin lovely, choice of high (as above) or shorter length, you also get a HUD with quite a few colour options yay! These are for Slink high feet btw.

Freebies Frogstar (mostly 1 prim!)

My sweater is from the new range of wooly pullies at coldLogic, darn it I cant stop wearing them. This one is “wayne”, and comes with a contrasting scarf that I haven’t added on , because you know…long hair effect. (although, the scarf does come in various sizes) hair is an old fav from Mina which was set out on offer a few weeks ago, DUH bought it twice. It’s a real keeper though, especially for winter. The hat has a few pattern/colour combo’s in a hud, handy-dandy. All the décor you see above is from Frogstar and it was one of our blog readers who nudged me into action with a note to go get the gear. Brilliant stuff ! Pictures, mirror,bench that’s stuffed with SO many poses and the sweet thanksgiving table, some are dollarbies, some I was given as gifts for joining the subscribo – I’m confused as what is which – so take a peek . (Thanks Sparka <3)

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

Designer Circle


what next (for bike with poses)


Dreamworks Sim to send your Christmas wishes !


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Never fear though as for as many sims turning into Winter wonderland there are just as many places still basking in the full Summer Sun and here’s a Freebie just for that.


Another top n bottom set but in this case the trousers are non mesh.  What can I say other than a peachy delight but check out the second picture.


The top is completely open at the back.  Not much to say except again for Free and simple and fabulous.  There is another Group Gift from Anin a Gris but I’m not showing it here but it means if you don’t like what you see there is another freebie.

If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the GG then have a little wander around. It’s 4 large rooms but the GGs on standing on separate counters.



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Time to pack up the amazing glowing Pumpkin heads from DDD but it’s time for a fresh new Season.  Faith has already laid a blanket of snow down and sent back numerous of my Summer fun items which we will be replacing with ice rink and frosty decor items.


Confession time, I wasn’t going to blog this Free outfit from Luziefee because I just had so much do to and so little time but then I got curious and yet again I’m glad I did.  Light coloured jeans, pretty standard and with all the sizes but it’s the nice touches to the jumper that make it so worth grabbing.  If you look closely you can see that it’s got an opened wide collar and although they’re a bit hidden in the patch work texturing you can that there are 2 little pockets.  Nice touches and of course FREE, you do have to join the group of course.

Must mention that in my last load of posts I am wearing Mina Hairs and of course  a PumeC skin just in case you were wondering.


Santa Baby (freebies)

Bubbles free gift

I had a note from milo bubble of Bubblez today, a new group gift is out and she has been beavering away making her store look at wintry ! This little tartan outfit is majorly cute, I’m not 100% sure but I think its fitted mesh as it came in one size fits all kinda deal. It fitted perfectly over my Slink physique body and my non mesh body. You also get a darling little Santa hat with it. Soooo as I had a little time to wander I took the opportunity to walk around Bubblez land, there’s a lot to see plus some adorable items with poses in them to prance about on. Photographers dream! I noticed a little white door and clicked on it…it revealed a TP – whats a girl to do?! Went up to another snowy area and found a gift! I’ll leave it to you to find out what and where it is.

Bubblez 1 prim decor gacha 10L a pop !

Uhm I also have an admission to make, inside the Bubblez store, right by the Christmas tree is a gacha machine. I had noticed this little doll around the place and saw it was just 1 prim, thennnn I saw it was inside the gacha machine – ohmaiii! I went on a bit of a gacha bender to be honest. I won some gorgeous winter decor items a tiny fir cone Christmas tree and finally won the dolly yay! Everything seems to be mesh and 1 prim, at 10L a pop give it a whirl. All the prizes are transfer so would also make brilliant gifts to give to friends. Thanks Milo <3


Missed it.

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Even Glow has some new FREENESS out and of course I zipped over to grab it.  This dress is in Petrol blue, which is why I’m posing in my garage.  A lovely light sheen to it, plenty of folds and a great choice of sizes.


I’ve had this thing stood here for several months now and I’ve only just realise that it will actually give you a can of soda!  The skirt is the freebie, salmon coloured, light sheen and the thin leather belt a lovely touch.

fruit loop

Fruit Loop is the name of the skirt and it’s definitely a reblog and certainly worth a reblog as even in the colder months teamed with leggings, socks etc just as wearable.  Actually there is a new skirt there as well but in my excitement to grab the new freebies I grabbed 2 of the salmon coloured skirt and missed a rather good blue, dotty, zippered skirt.  You will find the ones, and more GG’s or Discounted items, just inside the entrance and the new great skirt behind the desk.

Even Flow


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