coldLogic is warming up

coldLogic NEW!!!

Yipeeee coldLogic has released another bundle of “waiting for more sun” pretties ! This is “everette” , this pack of shades are all scrumptious and ice-creamy. I adore these tones, they make me think of sun and long warm strolls around the park. The styling is casual, sort of like a dressier boyfriend shirt, just a tad more glam, and a heap more pretty!

coldLogic everette NEW

I was forced – well uhm – I really had to show it in the totally marvellous pink colour too! Isn’t it just super happy? The belt is an optional piece, I think it really finishes the look off.

coldLogic saxe NEW

Another item that caught me eye is “saxe”, it’s a button up sleeveless coat dress. Wonderful details, slash buttoned pockets and a natty collar. Its smart but sweet and comes in a brilliant array of colours. I teamed up with my old fav hat hair combo from Maitreya , an oldie but goldie !

coldLogic Jolie NEW

Last up for today (there are loads more to share) is this handydandy T-shirt frock called “jolie”. Its sensual and clingy, yet if you slipped into some sneakers & socks it could also look ever so cute. This also has an optional belt, so if you strike out for a quantum pack youd get some fabbo colour mixes to play with. Love how the buttons on the scooped neck are enticingly undone – Ohlala! Shout out for KoKoLoReS poses that I have used all the way through this blog post – I’ve loaded up the “fashionista” and “here and there” pose sets, really lovely! They have a boat load more for the Pose Fair that’s coming up – I will keep you posted and hopefully see you there.

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place


KoKoLoReS store



Let them eat cake

What next group gift - Followus group gift FREE!

Just a quickie for all you home & garden fans. What next has a new group gift out. It’s this scrummy Easter cake that dispenses a plate avec cake and a fork for you to wear. You can also set the cake out on the table as it’s really low prim ! I also spotted this delicate little decor item at FollowUs when I was there the other day, a sweet cup of coffee and a half written love letter – it’s also a group gift (both groups have a small join fee btw) what next and FollowUs are SO worth joining, not only do you get special group gifts, but the standard of them is impossibly beautiful. It’s not alllll-about-the gifts though – you will be notified about special events and offers – when the stores are as good as these you really don’t want to miss out !



CIRCA gets into the groove

Circa & FollowUs - FREE

Gosh almost missed the chance to blog this before the “Apple of my hunt” event finishes tomorrow! This is the prize from CIRCA. Fantastico beanie bags, with pretty poses and the art panels. In front you can prolly just make out the Followus Easter group gift, it’s ever so sweet !

CIRCA Art & table NEW!

New items galore at Circa’s mainstore, including this shabby little folding table with Eastery decoration. The art panels are my favourite thing of all. They have sparkly twinkly lights inside *swoooon* ! SO pretty, So glittery…they will really brighten up your Springtime space! The top right panel is a gift for group members, and can be found at the Easter Market hunt.


Also at the Easter Market event is the new birdy house – it’s quite a luxurious trio of box shaped houses and the birds sing when you touch them awww ! You’ll find the dear little box of freshly picked carrots and bucket there too.

Paradisis & Circa & FollowUs FREE !

o.O almost left this shot out that shows the Paradisis free outfit ! Hoppity hop over to the store and find the eggs, you will have to collect them all to get the entire look , that includes the dress, basket, head gear and choker.


Last up from Circa is this Spring time trellis set. It’s just beautifully done, a lone butterly floats around in dizzy circles above the eggs, bunneh and Spring flowers. This is also on sale at the Easter Market Event – deffo one to go and mooch around .  Ohhhhh don’t forget, if you’re a group member you can still collect your fantabulous Skybox – its set at the landing point for you. Thanks Cherelle <3

Easter Market

CIRCA store







I remember a while ago drooling over a very shabby chic greenhouse/sun room which was a cobbled together collection of wood, textures, door etc and looked wonderful however the price tag and the prim count was not that attractive so when I found this low primmed low priced beauty I was so pleased.


At 31 prims, that includes the hanging basket/tool box you can just make out.  Comes set on a concrete slab.  As you can see the ceiling window opens but so does one of the windows on the side, love the sliding door.


A sample of the tatty texturing. This is looking out the front door from inside….insideedew…and this is the other wall which as you can see is mainly windows.  A faux cupboard as well, not shown as I’ve lost that picture.  Even though the whole roof and almost one side of a wall and it also has 2 windows this still remains a cosy and private little hideaway.  I usually like to position myself in at least 1 picture so people can gauge the size but that’s the picutre I’ve lost but it is a decent size small enough for a tiny plot of land and big enough to take a whole load of comfy chairs, books and plants.  31 Prims and an even measlier price tag of only 75Lds!!!

The first LM should take you to her, Lindini2 Lane, shop and you have an excellent selection of beach houses, small mansions, shops etc all not only with great texturing but styling and also pricing I had actually bought myself 2 items from here but I’ve not had time to even rezz the shop I’ve bought but I’m so looking forward to seeing it when I do.

There is a LM board for the demo area but I’ve also added that LM as well so you can wander around and really see for yourself the quality.

L2 Studio’s Shop

Demo Platform

Get your paws on this

Hudsons Gift FREE - Eclectica necklace

Hudsons has a new group gift out – and that’s always a cause for celebration. Bold ethnic print in greys and fresh white – such a lovely frock for slipping on to mooch around the pool, glam it up with heels or slouch about in flats, either way you choose to wear it, it’s a winner ! The group was free to join last time I looked, so dash over and grab it up – don’t forget to take  a look around the sore while you’re there, as its chock-a-block with goodies ! My gorgeous necklace is by Tiffy Vella @ Eclectica, its a mesh piece “relic” and you can change the stone colours by touching it – nine choices in total !


Hudsons market place store


Eclectica market place store

Lazy, quick and free.


The “lazy” is the pictures I’ve taken,  just a couple of simple shots but since this Easter Egg Hunt is finished on the 20th and I would hate you to miss the goodies so I thought I’d  pop in snap off a couple of simple shots and get them posted as “quick” as possible.  So rushed I almost forgot to say it’s the top that I found in an egg.


Another prize is this beautiful fat rose headband.  I did have to edit the band a little bit but easy to do.  I’ve not had time to unpack everything but I do know I have picked up at least one other colour of this hair band.

When you land you will see a large notice board click it grab the HUD and what you get is a picture of everything you can find in this hunt, everything from Mouthy Peeps to full gowns, all in mesh and all very bright and colourful in texture.  You will also see on the hud that you can click for a hint list which is sent to you in a note.

This is a new shopping mall to me and I can’t believe I’ve missed it.  For those who love to have an SL family there is a wonderful adoption agency set up, a delighful cafe and hair dressers which is not only for adults but there is an adorably cute set of childrens hair dryers station set out.  They even have one of those fishy pedicure stations.  A lovely pathed and garden area with a playground.  Although a lot of this seems to be aimed at children and their families this is an adult (not the sexy sort of adult) shopping mall so plenty for everyone to look at and do.  So not only some great shops with some lovely clothes, there is a dress in one of the shop windows that I would love to have, but also a great place to hang out with or without kids.  There is also a small selection of Lucky Chairs, Gacha’s and a Gacha Yardsale so basically everything I love.

Amo La Moda

Theme yourself pretty

Sax Shepherd Designs - sneak peek !


I’ve always wanted to try these sort of jewels, and until Sax Shepherd released these – I probably would never have gotten around to it. These sets are available exclusively at The latest round of The Theme Park. Lots of choice, and a ton of options. You really can get an absolutely perfect fit. The “Devi brow & bindi* sets are glamorous and easy to use via a HUD. You get options for twelve mix and match jewels, so plenty of choice ! 100% un-rigged mesh – go gettum.

The Theme Park